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About us
About us

About us

Our team of highly qualified and hard working experts use their experience and knowledge in creating quality solutions. Our diversity helps us to observe problems from different points of view.

We appreciate the diversity of opinions because it pushes us forward, we try to understand each other, we encourage honesty, and we are organized and disciplined in our work.

Our experts work closely with clients to provide the most appropriate solution that meets their needs.


Ivan Žuna - Agilos IT Goran Vejnović - Agilos IT d.o.o. Toni Sladojević - Agilos IT d.o.o. Matija Ivanuša - Agilos IT d.o.o. Neven Mikleuš - Agilos IT d.o.o. Kristijan Rebrović - Agilos IT d.o.o. Adnan Elezović - Agilos IT d.o.o. Mladen Marinović  - Agilos IT d.o.o. Kruno Bolfek - Agilos IT d.o.o. Roman Hromadko - Agilos IT d.o.o. Nicholas Wiliam Brkić - Agilos IT d.o.o. Darko Samardžić - Agilos IT d.o.o. Boris Divjak - Agilos IT Ivana Đurđević  - Agilos IT Miroslav Jurković - Agilos IT Dalibor Gašić - Agilos IT Jurica Hajderer - Agilos IT Antonija Mikuljan - Agilos IT Jadrana Marelja - Agilos IT
Countless funny, interesting and enlightening moments happen with our team.We don't want to forget them, so we decided to record some of our moments together. Interested in how we spend our time?
Raiffeisenbank - Agilos IT
"High motivation, enthusiasm, positive attitude, teamwork, expertise and focus on solutions, are the virtues shown by all members of the team, which results with high quality of the delivered product and additional functionalities added to the initial specifications that were not even planned for the first phase of implementation."

— Gordana Dorkin

Retail Risk Expert Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d. - Agilos IT
"He easily overcame all the challenges he encountered at Erste Bank and made an exceptional contribution to increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of our of day-to-day business. In addition to being professional in his work, he works great in a team, he is always ready to learn something new and selflessly share his knowledge and experience with other colleagues."

— Ivana Horvat Saik

Senior associate, Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d

Luna Mellis Travel - Agilos IT
"Agilos is a very professional team with good understanding of client wishes and persistance to come up with best solution for both parties. Creating our unique destination wedding website was not an easy task but it was successfully accomplished. I highly recommend Agilos IT to anyone looking for a young and professional team."

— Đurđa Vidović

Owner & CEO of Luna Mellis Travel

BizBoutique - Agilos IT
"Great service with minimal hassle. They listen to their clients and make their wishes come true in the agreed time. I would definitely recommend their services, to everyone. Thank you Agilos team for great work and making impossible possible !!! See you next time!"

— Vlatka Babić

Founder and Managing Director at Biz Boutique



The reliable business solutions they bring are based on many years of experience and a high level of education of our experts.
You can see some of our additional achievements below.



Our team members specialize in the design, development and implementation of advanced business solutions. We are organized into two teams, covering the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing and software development.


Our DWH consultants have been working with banks for many years to help achieve excellence in DWH architecture, automation and optimization. Our narrow specialty is regulatory reporting, high quality of work performance and raising work standards in every aspect. The primary goal of our consultants is to develop business solutions for business intelligence (DWH, ETL, BI). By understanding the data model and using advanced SQL queries and PL / SQL data, we are developing a DWH solution.

Web applications/pages
development & design

We maintain and develop solutions according to your business in order to solve specific problems. With our solutions, we speed up operational processes and thus increase the efficiency of your business. We adapt web solutions to every business, and we achieve top results thanks to our excellent knowledge of PHP and MySQL database capabilities. In addition, we attach great importance to ease of use and the impression left by the visual identity of the application / page itsel.

Mobile applications
development & design

Our engineers create solutions according to your requirements that suit the end-users. We focus on originality, usability, user experience and creativity for the purpose of developing an application that solves a specific problem for the target group of potential users. Our design is modern, intuitive and simple, and we are also particularly dedicated to content. We like to say a lot in a few words and be in synergy with the illustrations, the visual identity, and ultimately the app itself.

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